Mergers and acquisitions often help companies reduce costs and/or achieve higher revenues when internal growth is stagnant. Amontis Turnaround Associates believes that M&A option can be an effective strategic tool when entering new and more attractive markets, broadening product portfolios, overcoming barriers of entry, securing new technologies and expertise, and divesting units that not longer fit the organization's core objectives. However, over the years, Amontis Turnaround Associates has understood that the success or failure of a given strategy often depends more upon an organization's ability to execute than on the brilliance of its strategic planning. Amontis Turnaround Associates has recognized that both sound analysis and strategic repositioning plans and superior execution and project management abilities are essential prerequisites to success in M&A transactions - and, indeed, in business generally.

Listed below are the financial advisory services Amontis Turnaround Associates offers as an extension of its turnaround services:


Amontis Turnaround Associates provides advice and manages the acquisition of businesses from strategy assessment, target search, valuation analysis and price determination, analysis of best transaction structure, negotiations, coordination of due diligence and regulatory review process, to acquisition integration. Given that the inherent purpose of Amontis Turnaround Associates' advice is strategic, the focus is on delivering intended acquisition benefits, not simply closing the deal.


Amontis Turnaround Associates provides advice and manages the sale of entire organizations and non-core subsidiaries or divisions from the formulation of the sale strategy, valuation analysis and price assessment, identification of interested parties and selection of the best potential buyer, coordination of due diligence and management presentations to the negotiating parties.

Strategic Alliances

Joint ventures and strategic alliances help two or more organizations pool their resources in order to accomplish a particular business objective. Amontis Turnaround Associates provides advice and manages the process, including strategic fit assessment, partner selection, valuation analysis, design of best transaction structure and coordination of drafting and execution of the agreement. Strategic alliances and joint ventures permit the parties involved to share risks and costs associated with a venture and combining complementary expertise.


Amontis Turnaround Associates has significant experience in the privatization of public companies, in particular in Italy, Spain, Germany and the former Soviet Union. Privatizations are transactions viewed as risky by all parties involved, the buyer, the seller and the privatized organization itself. From a buyer's perspective, a privatized organization has operated under "special market conditions" that generally disappear or start to reduce once the organization falls into private hands and it may not be able to adjust. From the seller's perspective, the privatized organization most likely serves an important, if not crucial, social role which must be preserved. Finally, from the privatized organization's perspective, the hurdle is to adjust to a more dynamic and efficient working culture. Dealing with the conflicting requirements can be challenging, but solutions are possible and rewards high if they are properly implemented.