In the present economic and competitive climate, organizations face continuous pressure to reinvent themselves and maintain operating efficiency. Some organizations that not long ago were considered in good financial standing suddenly develop financial problems, while others disappear from the ranks of leaders altogether. Amontis Turnaround Associates, since its inception, has assisted a large number of organizations struggling in either the early stages of underperformance or with more severe signs of financial distress, up to and including bankruptcy in certain instances. Amontis Turnaround Associates, with its team of experienced professionals, has the expertise to quickly assess the specific situation of a particular organization and take the necessary measures to reach the best possible outcome.

Although each client situation requires a tailored approach, Amontis Turnaround Associates' turnaround assignments generally progress through three phases:

1. Crisis Management

  • Initial Evaluation - making a rapid, intensive assessment of business viability, management capabilities, operating controls and competitive strengths

  • Operating Team Selection - forging a team of current managers and Amontis Turnaround Associates resources to carry the company through turnaround

  • Financial Control - enforcing essential discipline over near-term operations through tight cash-flow management

  • Creditor/Lender Relations - building confidence among creditors and lenders, negotiating more flexible terms

  • Client/Supplier Relations - handling of major client and key supplier concerns

  • Employee Relations - issuing clear statements of company objectives and near-term prospects; defusing issues related to job security, reporting relationships and compensation

2. Stabilization

  • Operations Improvement - returning to profitability through operating and overhead cost reduction, focused sales campaigns, improved materials management, etc.

  • Funding - quantifying medium-term capital requirements, modifying equity/debt structures, identifying sources of financing

  • Asset Redeployment - launching aggressive action on inventories, sale and lease-back of capital equipment, disposal of unrelated or unproductive assets

  • Regulatory/Legal/Tax Matters - dealing, where necessary, with regulatory, legal and/or tax issues affecting company operations

3. Transformation

  • Long-term Strategy - defining realistic, implementable strategies for rebuilding and growth, with measurable result objectives
  • Management Renewal - creating a winning team, instigating positive attitudes, promoting creativity, instituting performance-driven incentives

  • Strategic Alliances - structuring complementary business arrangements with third parties