With the continued reduction of import barriers and increase in global competition, most industrial manufacturers face rapidly diminishing returns. Managers seeking to maintain profitability and achieve revenue growth are forced to implement cost cutting programs and find new ways of developing sustainable business growth.

Amontis Turnaround Associates assists underperforming companies in formulating and implementing business strategies that go beyond their conventional business models and defend them against new threats as they build for the future. The variety of problems tackled and capabilities deployed are illustrated in the following selected assignments undertaken by professionals of Amontis Turnaround Associates during the past several years:


  • Reduced balance sheet liabilities by 40% by restructuring and closing down several production units of Bharat Yantra Nigam, a major Indian steel fabrication conglomerate

  • Restructured AGMG, an international printing equipment manufacturer, sold off foreign assets, saved $10 million per year

  • Added $30 million to the bottom line for a major U.S. railroad by devising a new system for servicing rolling stock

  • Advised Ahlstrom, Finland's leading manufacturer of forest equipment, in selling its ownership of a UK manufacturer of large industrial equipment for the oil and chemicals industries to management and to a British private equity investment group

  • Increased revenues from less than $1 million to $7 million for a specialized water resources project engineering firm

  • Assisted the owners of Universal Process Equipment, the world's largest purveyor of used/surplus chemical and pharmaceutical process equipment, to turn their concern from a family-run business into a publicly-traded company

  • Prepared a business development plan for a producer of hi-tech cooling devices