Poorly thought-out and badly executed acquisitions and mergers, rapid technological change, corporate accounting scandals and sudden shifts in capital markets are some of the reasons many organizations of different size and makeup find themselves in financial difficulties. In some instances, a comprehensive “turnaround” is needed, involving corporate strategy, business, management and finances. In other situations, it is principally a financial restructuring that is required. In either case, Amontis Turnaround Associates is there to help.
Amontis Turnaround Associates works closely with debt holders, shareholders, creditors, insurers and prospective purchasers in restructuring financially distressed organizations, offering a variety of financial services:

Viability Analysis

Carrying out an early-stage analysis of the distressed enterprise, focusing on near-term cash generating potential, followed by longer-term strategic assessment.

Capital Structure

Formulating the appropriate capital structure to meet the new reality that the restructured enterprise faces.

Company and Asset Valuation

Employing various valuation methodologies to appraise an entire enterprise or its constituent parts in a timely and efficient fashion.

Chapter 11 and 7 Filings

Acting as financial advisor to a company undergoing a Chapter 11 reorganization, or a Chapter 7 liquidation.

Expert Testimony

Acting as an expert witness, providing consultation and testimony in connection with judicial and administrative proceedings.