Corporate restructuring can be a traumatic experience for all involved, and may falter as managers lose focus or try to compromise on tough decisions. To be successful, a turnaround must be based on sound organizational analysis and an agreed-to, implementable long-term business strategy. The skills that come into play to help formulate and guide future strategy are not learned from textbooks; rather, they are developed over years of exposure to a broad variety of corporate situations in a wide range of industrial, market and geographical contexts.

Amontis Turnaround Associates is uniquely qualified to analyze the situation at hand and, based on an agreed-upon long-term business strategy, implement a tailored transformation plan. Amontis Turnaround Associates works closely with clients in assessing and addressing key organizational factors:

  • Strategy. Analyzing the underlying principles of an organization's strategy and making the necessary adjustments to set the path toward sustainable competitive advantage. Key questions at this stage of the transformation plan …should we broaden our business base and how should we compete?

  • Structure vis-à-vis Strategy. Identifying functions within the organization likely to resist the transformation plan or which lack the resources to support the plan. Key questions at this stage of the transformation plan …where does our infrastructure lack the necessary resources to implement our plan and what do we need to do to rectify matters?

  • Execution. Implementing the necessary steps to successfully accomplish the tailored transformation plan. This is a crucial step where execution experience provides the strongest guidance. Key questions at this stage of the transformation plan …what is the most efficient way of implementing the required changes with a minimum of disruption and risk, and how do we foster a positive and constructive attitude within the organization?