Founded in 1989 by Mr. Andrea H. Pampanini, Amontis Turnaround Associates, Inc. specializes in organizational strategy and corporate restructuring. The firm provides problem-solving and temporary management resources to medium-sized companies facing organizational, market and financial difficulties and therefore under pressure to retrench. Its talent pool consists of seasoned men and women who know how to make rapid, accurate business assessments and take decisive action.

Practical, results-oriented programs are launched under the direction of an interim operating team headed by a take-charge Amontis Turnaround Associates executive. The team consists of a core group of company managers complemented by highly qualified Amontis Turnaround Associates professionals with appropriate industry and functional expertise. Their objective is to transform and revive rather than to cut and slash.

One of Amontis Turnaround Associates' priorities is to identify and deploy a cadre of company executives with the skills and commitment to drive the business towards future success. These executives, with the help of Amontis Turnaround Associates, build on the strengths of their company to bring it back to health once the basic problems have been resolved. Amontis Turnaround Associates phases out as rapidly as possible once the management team is firmly established and the restructuring program well underway.

Amontis Turnaround Associates can call upon a broad network of collaborators world-wide. The Firm is a partner of the Amontis Consulting Group, a world-wide network of senior consultants of varied industry expertise.

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