Transportation, travel and tourism have undergone fundamental changes in the past decade. In the 1990's it was still a sector of small and medium sized companies with low technological content. By the end of the century, a wave of mergers and acquisitions, the rise of industrial standards and client expectations, and the establishment of Internet communications have had a major impact on the industry.

In the past several years, Amontis Turnaround Associates has assisted major organizations in developing competitive strategies, effecting structural changes and overcoming the challenges and issues of knowledge management. Here are some representative assignments:

  • Developed a strategy and related structures for a market leader in travel reservations

  • Carried out feasibility studies for new businesses opportunities in travel ticketing

  • International benchmarking of internet travel commerce software for a global CRS

  • Developed an IT-strategy for a major tourism corporation

  • Designed a business intelligence concept for customer relationship enhancement and increased internal management effectiveness

  • Repositioned an association of tourism agencies

  • Developed a balanced scorecard for several cultural events organizations

  • Reduced corporate car fleet costs and business travel costs for several leading companies

  • Carried out a feasibility study for a Transrapid project in Germany

  • Carried out a feasibility study of an express parcel joint venture between two major transportation and airline companies