"…Amontis Turnaround Associates has a proven record of assisting underperforming organizations to get back to health by formulating a sound business strategy and implementing a transformational program that bolsters sustainable future growth and profitability"

Three basic convictions define how Amontis Turnaround Associates conducts business.

  • The Client comes first. Amontis Turnaround Associates takes pride in remaining a small organization, where attention to detail and client satisfaction are what matters most, not the sheer volume of engagements.

  • Experience is key. Amontis Turnaround Associates brings seasoned, highly regarded professionals to work in collaboration with company executives committed to and capable of achieving targeted results.

  • No two transactions are the same. Amontis Turnaround Associates provides customized solutions to unique business situations - put another way: standard, "cookie cutter" approaches in this line of work do not ensure the achievement of the desired results.

Amontis Turnaround Associates works closely with management throughout the various steps of analyzing the situation at hand and formulating and implementing the necessary changes. Given its modus operandi, a high level of confidentiality and discreteness is retained throughout the process.

Amontis Turnaround associates, Inc. is a partner of the Amontis Consulting Group world-wide network of experienced consultants with proven entrepreneurial track records. The Group draws upon the international experiences in strategy and strategic alliances, corporate finance, M&A, restructuring, IT/SAP, marketing communications and project management.

The close network is based on past collaboration of the partners in leading management consulting companies and multinational corporations. It combines the specialized knowledge of the partners and offers clients a broad customer- and market-focused service portfolio. Specialized industry knowledge and extensive functional know how enables clients to implement innovative business approaches based on the advice of experienced specialists who support them not only with concepts but also with implementation skills.

The members of the Amontis Consulting Group share a vision:

  • Amontis believes that the entrepreneurial spirit is the best basis for creative and rewarding solutions.

  • Amontis believes that merging customer value and shareholder value assures long-term success for any business.

  • Amontis believes that change management, which empowers human capital, is essential for lasting ongoing returns.

The Amontis Consulting Group provides global support to its customers through offices in Europe, the Americas, and Asia-Pacific.