Andrea H. Pampanini 

Mr. Andrea H. Pampanini is a seasoned organizational advisor and executive coach with extensive planning, marketing and manufacturing experience, including line management. He has worked for clients around the world, and has broad knowledge of the chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, basic metals, and industrial goods sectors.

Prior to establishing Amontis Turnaround Associates, he was a partner at Booz Allen & Hamilton, a major international management consulting firm, where he launched new offices in Italy, Spain and Saudi Arabia and was responsible for European consulting work in chemicals, petrochemicals and advanced materials. He was previously affiliated with the Development Resources Corporation, the International Basic Economy Corporation, McKinsey & Company, Inc. and Tyco Laboratories.

Mr. Pampanini has devoted a fair portion of his career to international business development, particularly in the Middle East. As Executive Vice President of Development Resources Corporation from 1971 to 1977, an engineering firm specializing in regional development based on water resources management, he supervised the final phases of the Dez hydroelectric power and irrigation project in the Khuzistan, Iran, directing over fifty engineers and project managers on the ground. With the same firm, he participated in large scale agricultural development and land management projects in Brazil, Nicaragua, the Ivory Coast, and California. Thereafter, he spent three years as the leader of a consulting team in Saudi Arabia responsible for the design and programming of institutional structures in what is arguably the largest single construction program undertaken in modern times, the building of the Jubail and Yanbu twin industrial cities under the aegis of the Royal Commission.

He is presently assisting the Chairman of the Saudi Arabia General Investment Authority, a recently established ministerial-rank position, to help bring fresh capital into the industrial and service sectors of the Kingdom. Also, Mr. Pampanini is a senior organizational advisor to the Secretary General of the King Faisal Foundation, the largest philanthropic institution in the Middle East, which furthers academic and scientific knowledge through it educational and award programs. The Foundation supports several schools in the Kingdom, is funding (with other donor partners) the new technical Dar Al Faisal University, and sponsors a series of annual prizes and scholarships to world-level intellectuals devoted to economic and social development and the preservation of Islamic values.

In Europe, Mr. Pampanini is presently working with AIG, the world's largest insurance group, to acquire out of bankruptcy and turn around a $300 million intermediate chemicals producer in Italy. Also for AIG, he is heading a team of investigators to determine the insurers' liabilities arising from an explosion in a German phenol derivatives plant.

Mr. Pampanini, who has both U.S. and Italian nationality, is fluent is several languages. He is a graduate of Cambridge University and the Harvard Business School, and has published two books on industrial development in the Middle East.