Guido A. Segre  

Guido Segre has more than 25 years of experience as a management consultant and a project manager within corporate development groups in major multinational companies. Mr. Segre has also been a partner in a start-up firm selling process control and quality control systems, based on image processing. He is specialized in industrial goods and related services, with extensive exposure to industries such as chemicals, electronics, IT, telecom, packaging, mechanical and the distribution and sales of frozen foods. Mr. Segre has worked both with major corporations as well as aggressive small and medium size companies. He has managed projects focused on company evaluation (M&A, divestitures) new business development and assessment (products, markets), management information systems (with specific attention to product profitability and value added analysis), e-business (channels of distribution and legacy management) and company organization. He has extensive knowledge of international business across Europe, South America and the US.

He trained as a management consultant at Booz Allen & Hamilton, where he spent four years working on several assignments ranging from strategy and industrial marketing, to organization and management information systems' design.

For the last ten years, Mr. Segre has been an independent consultant, working also on a freelance basis for several major international consulting firms. Prior to that, he worked for multinational companies such as IBM, Olivetti, Montedison and Techint, where he studied entry into new markets and analyzed investment opportunities.

Mr. Segre holds a MS degree in physics and an MBA from INSEAD in France. He is fluent in four languages (Italian, French, Spanish and English) having lived for lengthy periods in both Morocco and France.

The following list of selected client companies indicate Mr. Segre’s broad experience across several major business sectors.

•Selcom (Bologna, Italy)
•Alfautomazione (Monza, Italy)
•International Supplies (Parma, Italy)
•Schneider (Paris, France)
•Bafin Group (Ancona, Italy)
•A/M (Chicago, US/Einthoven,Netherlands)

•AEM (Milan, Italy)
•Sirti (Milan, Italy)

•IMAM Group (Torino, Italy)
•Gruppo Faber (Fabriano, Italy)
•Dalmine (Bergamo, Italy)

•Safta (Piacenza, Italy)
•Recordati (Milan, Italy)
•Vinavil (Verbania, Italy)
•Cominder (Milan, Italy)
•SISAS SpA (Milan, Italy)

•Gruppo Intesa (Milan, Italy)
•Picard les Surgelés (Paris, France/Milan, Italy)
•Coop (Bologna, Italy)
•Picking Pack Group (Barcelona, Spain/Milan, Italy)
•Palmera (Genova, Italy)
•Securvip (Milan, Italy)

•AIG (New York, USA)

•Politecnico di Milano (Milan, Italy)
•INRCA (Ancona, Italy)