Roger Miller

Roger Miller has more than 30 years experience on Wall Street and in the financial community, as a former partner at Salomon Brothers and as a private investor. He has been a financial advisor in numerous mergers, restructurings and reorganizations, including some of the largest transactions of recent years. His areas of expertise encompass: deal structuring and negotiation; business, securities and transaction valuation; assessment of the financial merits of corporate decisions and actions in a variety of contexts. He has rendered formal opinions and delivered expert testimony on these subjects on many occasions.

For a number of years, Mr. Miller has been an active investor in a diversified portfolio of private company investments, in some cases serving as a member of the board of directors. He has been involved in raising substantial amounts of financing for these entities, and for a series of investment partnerships, which he formed to purchase distressed businesses, personal loans and similar assets.

Mr. Miller is a director of the Cooke center for Learning and Development, and an Elder and Trustee of the Brick Presbyterian Church in Manhattan. He earned an M.A. in law from Cambridge University and an M.Sc. from the London Business School.