Dr. Massimo Rizzo 

Dr. Massimo Rizzo served for many years as a senior executive in the Italian aerospace industry, with world-wide responsibilities for legal affairs and commercial relations with public and private entities. Specifically, in 1975 he was appointed Secretary General of Aeritalia SpA, later renamed Alenia SpA after its merger with Selenia SpA. During his 20 year tenure he acted as Secretary to the Board, handled most of the negotiations with industrial partners and joint venturers, and maintained relationships with the Italian government, public organizations, and the international press.

In 1995 he was named Central Co-Director of Finmecanica SpA, and headed up the Brussels Representative Office where he worked with NATO and various European Parliamentary interfaces. Thereafter he became Senior Consultant to the French aerospace company, Aerospatiale, SA. He is currently working as an independent consultant and lobbyist in both Italy and Germany.

Prior to joining Aeritalia SpA, Dr. Rizzo was CEO of Fontana GmbH, German subsidiary of Luigi Fontana SpA, Europe’s largest manufacturer of bolts and screws. Earlier, he was Senior Consultant and then Secretary General of SGA – Societá Generale Semiconducttori SpA. He began his professional career with Alitalia, as a Market Analyst and then Resident Manager in both the U.K. and Germany.

Dr. Rizzo holds a degree in Jurisprudence from the University of Rome. He is fluent in four languages. He is member of several boards in Italy, Germany and the U.S.