Khurshed Bhumgara 

Khurshed Bhumgara, a seasoned business executive, is Managing Partner of Ironwood Advisors, specializing in the area of commercial property asset management. His primary objective is to optimise cash flow and hence asset value for his clients. To that end, working with the ownership, he develops a strategy and then puts it into effect. The execution of the plan requires his expertise in lease restructuring and negotiations, financing and tax planning and the management of all capital expenditures.

His experience includes management, manufacturing, marketing and financial analysis. He has worked for major corporations such as Union Carbide, Celanese and for the last thirty years, IBEC and Pocantico Associates, LLC – the later two companies owned by members of a prominent American family, based in New York. He has worked in South and Central America, the Caribbean, England and the United States.

As a trained lawyer on two continents, he has concentrated for the last eighteen years in the area of real estate and has handled well over $500,000,000 worth of real estate assets.

Mr. Bhumgara’s knowledge encompasses residential, commercial and retail real estate and includes general management, asset management, leasing, financing, zoning and land use planning. His experience also includes the development, renovation and disposition of diverse operating assets such as medical buildings, shopping centres, enclosed malls, supermarket chains, home construction companies and raw undeveloped land.

He was educated in England and the United States, and is able to converse (and negotiate) in French and Spanish.